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Dead Sea Products

Dead Sea Products

Over the ages, nature has provided us with some remarkable ingredients to formulate beauty products. One such source of these marvelous products is the Dead Sea. Dead Sea products are those that have base ingredients derived from Dead Sea salt or mud. It is a well-known fact now that Dead Sea water contains over 35 percent minerals per liter of water. Coming onto the beauty horizon in the late 1980’s, products based on the Dead Sea water, mud and salts not only consists of beautifying products but some have actual medicinal value.


Mud Therapy

There are many Dead Sea products formulated with Dead Sea mud and collagen to reduce the effects of fine facial line. These products also help to remove dead skin cells. Mudpack therapy is understood to temporarily relieve pain in people suffering with osteoarthritis of the knees.


Aqua Therapy

Water augmented with a few kilos of Dead Sea salt has been known to relieve psoriasis, a medical itching condition. These treatments based on Dead Sea products have a lasting effect on the skin by rendering it soft and supple.

Cosmetic manufacturers have learned to combine the Dead Sea salts and mud with fruit and flower oils to create skin care products that help in reducing a wide variety of general complaints like dry and damaged skin. Some products claim to reduce acne and improve upon skin tone. An increasing number of cosmetics manufacturers have started packaging products derived from both Dead Sea salt and mud into multiple treatment packs. These packs contain up to several products to encourage people to get into a regimen of skin treatments by alternating between treatments.

As more and more people turn towards nature for cosmetic therapy, the demand for Dead Sea products is rising along with the drive for research in combining a wider variety of elements with mud and salt to produce more effective Dead Sea products.