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The One Minute Guide to Nipple Cover


What is a nipple cover anyway?

Finding a streamlined, slim bra to go underneath that perfect silk dress might prove to be challenging. Rather than committing hours and dollars to the undergarment hunt, why not try convenient and affordable nipple cover. Also referred to as ‘petals’ or ‘pasties’, these small, silicone patches fit simply over the nipple and areola area of the breast–giving the breast a smooth, quiet line under clothes.

How do I use a nipple cover?

These shields are marketed in disposable and reusable versions–both should fit comfortably and not irritate your skin. Many brands use hypoallergenic silicone to avoid any potential reactions. If you choose the reusable ones, we recommend washing the silicone with warm water and a mild soap to remove any oil or skin cell build-up. In preparing the skin for application, take care not to apply any moisturizer to the nipple area. This will make it harder for the cover to adhere to your skin.

Do they come in different colors or varieties?

Nipple covers are available in various skin tones for all races of women. While you might be looking for something plain to wear under clothing, many decorated pasties (with sequins, tassels, and different shapes) are also offered. Whether you are looking to maintain a level of modesty in a delicate fabric or would like to explore some exoticism, there is a nipple cover for you.

Do they make them in my size?

Yes! Petals are an excellent choice for all breast sizes. It is recommended that women with larger breasts or areolas choose disposable covers. If you are concerned about movement or support, there are several brands that design their products to also offer lift. This is an affordable and fun way to explore going braless!