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Mycoplasma Test


The Importance of Accurate Mycoplasma Results

There's no underestimating the importance of mycoplasma detection and identification. Simply put, mycoplasmas are the tiniest of all living organisms. Detection of these organisms is extremely important because they end up in virus stocks, cell cultures, and chemicals derived from cells. Unless a specific mycoplasma test is done to detect mycoplasma, they often go completely unnoticed. It's imperative that a mycoplasma test is performed according to accepted regulatory standards to ensure safety. Failure to maintain high standards and follow compliance guidelines can result in negative consequences.

Presence of Mycoplasma in Cell Lines and Biotherapeutics

A mycoplasma test must be used to find the presence of mycoplasma. These organisms are incredibly small and do not show up in other tests that have not been designed to detect their presence. Mycoplasma is resistant a range of ordinary antibiotics, making detection even a greater concern. The best form of detection remains using a standard Mycoplasma test.

Benefits of Using Microbiology Service Laboratories

Microbial testing services conduct a mycoplasma test to ensure meeting regulatory compliance. Tests for fungi and bacteria are more important than ever for multiple industries which must maintain compliance. The presence of mycoplasma can put a culture at risk. Without screening and detection, entire laboratories could be easily compromised. Using high-quality microbiology service laboratories will help you eliminate major issues. Screening and detection are standard protocols. Laboratories have to remain dedicated to proper procedures at all times. It's unacceptable to allow the presence of mycoplasma in biotherapeutics or cell lines. Time is of the essence when dealing with microbial contamination. Look for laboratories that can discover contamination in hours, not weeks. The faster that an issue is found and isolated, the safer the environment will be. Early detection means that production protocols can be changed rapidly, saving money and trouble.