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Dead Sea Salt Products

Dead Sea Salt Products

Dead Sea Salt Products are made with natural ingredients from the Dead Sea. The company develops their products in state-of-the-art laboratories and each one is rich in vitamins, minerals, oils and plant extracts. You can buy body and hair treatments as well as facial creams and spa products. The unique minerals in the Dead Sea speed metabolism of the cells and act as an antiseptic to remove impurities from the skin. Details about a few Dead Sea Salt products are below.

Facial Products

One of the Dead Sea Salt Products for the face is the Face Serum. It contains vitamins that help to tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles. Another item is the Active Facial Peeling Mask. It is a deep cleanser made up of mud and several natural oils. The mask opens the pores and improves blood circulation.

Body Treatments

The Body Lotion has a lovely vanilla scent. It is a blend of moisturizing ingredients including Shea, Aloe Vera, and Argon Oil. The Papaya Mineral Cream nourishes the skin with papaya oil and vitamins. It is great to use after a shower to give your skin energy and to balance body minerals.

Spa Products

One of the Dead Sea Salt Products for a spa is a bath salt. It is rich in magnesium, sodium and potassium which soften the skin and relieve aches. Another option is the Aromatic Peeling Gel for the shower. It contains micro granules that gently exfoliate the skin.

Hair Treatments

Dead Sea Salt Products for the hair moisturize the strands of the hair from roots to the ends. The shampoo cleanses the scalp and promotes a healthy glow. The conditioner is enriched with Omega 6 that protects the hair from the harmful effects of the environment.